How Many Solar Panels Do You Need In Columbus?

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Depending on your home’s architecture and location, the size of your solar panel array will vary. There’s no one-size-fits-all solar solution, which is why the expertise of our solar professionals is such a vital part of the installation process. However, there are a few factors that will give you an idea of how many panels your Columbus home might need so that you can have a number in your head going into your consultation. 

Understanding the factors that contribute to your unique solar system needs allows the solar installation process to be both transparent and seamless. To find out more on how a solar expert will determine the number of panels your home needs, read the article below!

Shade Levels

One of the main determining factors for how large your solar array needs to be is based on the amount of shade your home receives. If your roof is consistently at least partially shaded, you may need additional panels to pick up the slack. There are ways to combat the shade levels, either by tree removal or trimming back those branches, but if the shade comes from neighboring buildings or your roof’s angle, you may be looking at a larger solar array.

Current Electricity Bills

The amount of energy that your home uses is a major factor in estimating how many panels you’ll need. A home that naturally uses less electricity will be able to get by with fewer solar panels. The more energy you use, the more solar panels you’ll need!

If you’re looking at your current energy bill and noticing that there are areas where you could cut down your electricity consumption, the SMARTPWR360OTM package is a perfect way to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your overall energy needs!

Roof Direction

The ideal direction for solar panels to face is south. If your roof is not conducive for solar installation in that direction, you might require more panels to consistently harvest sunlight throughout the day. That isn’t to say your system can’t be completely efficient if it doesn’t directly face south, but it will affect the calculations and might result in an adjusted number for how many solar panels are needed for your home.

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