How Much Could You Potentially Save With Solar In Columbus?

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As going solar becomes more affordable for Ohioans thanks to advances in solar technology, you may be wondering how solar power could benefit your bottom line. Saving on your electric bills with solar is very possible, but the truth is there are several factors that may impact the amount you could save with solar. Some factors will matter more than others depending on your location and average electricity use. We’ll cover those factors below to help you optimize your Columbus-area home’s solar savings potential.

Factors That Could Affect Your Savings

Amount of Sunlight

Do you know which direction your home, and more specifically your roof, faces? If part of your roof faces south, east or west, you’ll have an advantage with solar energy. Roofs facing these directions have the opportunity to receive the most sunlight during the day, meaning your solar panels could produce more electricity than panels installed facing north. 

There are ways to improve the amount of sunlight your home receives. Minimizing the amount of shade on your roof will help your solar panels receive more sunlight, which could impact how much electricity your solar panels produce on a daily basis. Trimming back or cutting down trees that shade your roof during peak sunlight hours could also help increase your potential savings! 

Your Electricity Use

The price per kilowatt-hour that you pay to access grid electricity for your home along with how much electricity you use will impact your potential solar savings. Let’s look at average electric costs for Ohioans. 

As of August 2021, Ohio homeowners paid on average $0.1308 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in electricity costs. Since the average American home in 2020 used 10,715 kilowatt-hours in a year, you can multiply those numbers and determine that Ohioans are paying on average $1,412.24 in yearly electric bills. Your own electric bills could vary from that number, but it’s a good starting point for checking to see how much solar could potentially save you on electric bills per month. 

By adapting to an energy efficient lifestyle, homeowners using an average amount or even less electricity could potentially see the most savings with solar. Combining solar panels with an energy-efficient home presents an optimal environment for potential savings. 

How Many Solar Panels You Need

The number of solar panels needed for your home can vary depending on a few factors: your electric bills, your home’s physical location including roof direction and shade coverage.

Pink Energy’s team of solar experts will work with you to create a custom-designed solar panel system made to work well with your home’s specifications. Thus, we help to create a system that could help you potentially see plenty of solar savings. 

Explore Your Solar Potential With Us

Your local Pink Energy team is more than ready to help you learn how solar could potentially bring savings back to your home and wallet! Get in touch with us today to get started on owning your power.