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Ready to go solar without breaking the bank? In an effort to make solar panels more obtainable, we recommend financing options offered by third-party financing partners to qualified residential and commercial customers so you can install solar panels in a way that works for you. We’re committed to our vision of nationwide solar power, so doing our part to help you purchase solar panels is part of that! Here are some options for how you can finance your Columbus solar panel installation.

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Financial Program

By offering competitive solar panel financial incentives, Pink Energy makes adding solar a more accessible and affordable choice for our customers in Columbus and throughout the USA. Our incentives present qualifying customers with a $0 up-front cost2 and 12 months of solar savings on us.1

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You can secure a loan through your own sources or through our recommended lending sources, which specialize in solar opportunities. With a loan in place, you’ll have a $0 down payment and 100% financing for qualified customers2. Not having to worry about a down payment makes this an affordable option for many customers! Plus, once the loan is paid off in full, you could potentially see those solar savings really pay off on your electric bills.

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You can always pay in full for your new solar panels. This allows you to maximize your solar investment from Day 1 since your new electric bill may display immediate potential savings! Seeing that potential return on your investment from Day 1 is a powerful incentive! You may also be able to take advantage of home equity loans, which may be tax deductible.*

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*Tax deductions are subject to change/termination. We make no guarantees regarding eligibility for any tax deductions. We do not provide tax advice. Contact your personal tax advisor for eligibility requirements.